COVID, Hernia’s, and SSRI’s

Welcome to the first episode of the Mayo Clinic Clear Approach Podcast! In this episode, you can learn about our new podcast and your host. We will talk about hernias and why they matter to pilots. Of course, we will discuss some new developments about COVID-19. And finally, I’ll share a personal story about medical certification and SSRI’s.

2 thoughts on “COVID, Hernia’s, and SSRI’s

  1. I recently discovered the Clear Approach podcast and listened to the first two episodes. I was pleased to hear of the services offered by the Mayo aviation group. The podcast is both informative and entertaining (especially the dry humor) Without too much medical terminology.

    I think pilots resist asking too many questions during the FAA exams for fear of raising a flag that might impact their flight status. Your programs will certainly help alleviate some concerns.

    Please keep the episodes coming!

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for dropping in and for your comments! It really is my hope to help out pilots and to improve their relationship with aviation medical examiners. All while having a laugh or two or six.

      If you ever need any help with flying medical issues, just feel free to shoot us a message on our Clear Approach service. Use the link above!

      Happy flying and even better health!

      Dr. Van

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