Achoo! Allergy Season Tips for Pilots and a Brief Introduction to HIMS

In this episode I go over what pilots need to know about treating allergies safely.  Also, I do a brief overview of my new job in the Human Intervention Motivation Study with the FAA. To help, here are some key links to support your learning:

Allergy Medicine Guidelines by the FAA

The HIMS Program


A Discussion with the Federal Air Surgeon & OSA

In today’s episode, we go over some of the newest information about a topic that hopefully won’t put you to sleep: obstructive sleep apnea.  And then we chat with Dr. Susan Northrup, the Federal Air Surgeon for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Kidney Stones, Bends in an Airplane, & Commercial Space Flight!

For this episode we cover the entire atmosphere, and then some! I go over kidney stones and what it means for flying and the FAA. And then we talk to commercial space flight specialist Dr. Michael Harrison about the next frontier and his research about an underappreciated danger in general aviation.

Ouch! The COVID Vaccine

On this episode, I talk about the fun of getting the COVID vaccine, we discuss needle phobia, and finally Dr. Emily Stratton takes us up high to review high altitude medical conditions and treatment.

The “In” Crowd: Flying with Diabetes and Insulin

After a long COVID induced hiatus, I bring you episode 4! This episode is all about diabetes. Dr. Clayton Cowl gives an overview of the condition. Then, Andrew Schmertz, CEO of Hopscotch Air, shares his adventures in being in the sky with insulin. 

Insider Tips for Your AME Exam and A Pilot with Prostate Cancer

In this episode, we will review some new updates from the FAA regarding diabetes and SFAR 118. We also go over the top 10 things you can do to make your next aviation medical exam a piece of cake. And finally, an American Airlines pilot shares his story about prostate cancer and returning to flying.