The “In” Crowd: Flying with Diabetes and Insulin

After a long COVID induced hiatus, I bring you episode 4! This episode is all about diabetes. Dr. Clayton Cowl gives an overview of the condition. Then, Andrew Schmertz, CEO of Hopscotch Air, shares his adventures in being in the sky with insulin. 

Insider Tips for Your AME Exam and A Pilot with Prostate Cancer

In this episode, we will review some new updates from the FAA regarding diabetes and SFAR 118. We also go over the top 10 things you can do to make your next aviation medical exam a piece of cake. And finally, an American Airlines pilot shares his story about prostate cancer and returning to flying.

COVID, Hernia’s, and SSRI’s

Welcome to the first episode of the Mayo Clinic Clear Approach Podcast! In this episode, you can learn about our new podcast and your host. We will talk about hernias and why they matter to pilots. Of course, we will discuss some new developments about COVID-19. And finally, I’ll share a personal story about medical certification and SSRI’s.